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Do you have stacks of old VHS or 8mm videos around the house, filled with priceless memories? These days, tape players are hard to come by; can you even watch them? Did you know videotape can become brittle and break? Bring in those home movies to life with video transfer. Just drop off your tapes and a short time later, you’ll have DVDs ready to watch.


Movie Film to DVD

16mm with sound/Reg 8mm

Super 8mm (silent only)

All orders include easy listening music, film cleaning and splicing. All film is digitally edited to remove white and black segments of film. Plus two copies with retail style case and artwork.


Each disc is limited to 75 minutes maximum


Additional disc in set


First 250 ft


Additional footage

$.18 per foot

Additional Copies are $14.99 each if ordered at the time of transfer, $17.99 if ordered at a later date.


Video Transfer

Select from many types of media: VHS, VHS-C, 8mm/Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini DV, Mini DVD, DVD, and Beta. Video cameras with hard drives must leave camera or supply files on a portable hard drive.


Plain and Simple Transfer

Plain and Simple

$19.99, No case, presented in paper sleeve

First tape

$19.99, Additional tapes added to disc $6.99 each

Deluxe Transfer

Video Tape to DVD (2 hours)

$34.99 (4 Tape Limit)

Includes 2 copies with retail case and artwork.

Additional copies, $41.99 if ordered at the time of transfer, $17.99 if ordered at a later date.

Add photo to cover or add menu to DVD


Additional Services

Dvd to DVD (no copyrighted materials)


Rush Fees (If requested in less than two business days)


  • Single tape transfers

  • Multiple Tape transfers

add $10.00

add $20.00

Tape Repair

  • Single Splice
  • Additional Splice


$5.00 each

Replace shell

$10.00 each



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